When New York does weather, it really does it right. I knew there was a chance of snow (the first of the season!) the weekend of Jimena and Brandon's elopement, but little did I know the entire city would be blanketed in at least 4 inches. The morning of the ceremony there was a gorgeous, soft fall of snow and we were all so excited for the photo opportunities. But leave it to chance, by the time I came out of the subway stop by the entrance near Gapstow Bridge, the snow had turned to icy rain. Jimena and Brandon were serious troopers, deciding to have the ceremony outside AND continue with photos afterwards.

These two were a dream- they stood in the rain in the freezing snow and walked with me throughout much of the park. When you see a snow-covered Central Park with almost nobody around, you take advantage of every last minute. And we did exactly that.

This was the best way to cap off a successful 2016 wedding season and I am beyond thrilled (and a little anxious) for all my 2017 weddings! Here is a quick look at our little morning together. So freaking happy for these guys!