The best is worth documenting


Wedding day vibes. When the air is sweet and the mood is light. Excitement follows you throughout the whole day, a giddiness building louder in the big moments and humming gently in the beautiful, small ones.

Your love is as real as ever on that day and I want your photos to forever remind you of that. I can’t wait to show you how amazing your day was. All you have to do is be present; I’ll take care of the rest.





Hey, I'm Caitlyn

Photography was a happy accident, but damn it feels so good to find something I am truly passionate about.

I am my absolute best self behind the camera - I'm a nut but don't worry, you can laugh at me the whole way. I love learning more about you two, how you met, what your dreams are, your fav food (bonus points if it's tacos - no seriously, I could drink queso).

I live for traveling and seeing all the beauty in this world, especially if it's with my hunny love (the cutie on the left).

I am so excited to be on this journey with you, trust me - these times are the best of your life.

R E C E N T  N U P T I A L S  +  L O V E R S

I want you to see yourselves in the images we create, not anyone else.

I want you to be able to look back on these photos and think, "heck yes - this is my babe, my best friend, I love you for so many reasons"